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Mental Waves Platinum Pack avec téléphone, casque et iPad
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With innovating sound technology you can now give free rein to your ambition. In the vanguard of neurosciences, this wonderful tool optimizes the cognitive neuronal process, which allows you to swiftly and automatically reach peak efficiency on a physical, intellectual and mental level.

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Mental Waves for Happiness was born from the union between neurosciences and music. The man behind this fusion is Alex Michel: a researcher with a passion for the human brain and sounds, who designed a revolutionary method that can stimulate any brain state.

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The various types of brain waves

There are 5 different types of brain waves. Each type has distinct properties and can be linked with a specific state of mind.


Alpha Waves

These waves stimulate: rest, light relaxation, soothed consciousness, calmness, clear thinking, feeling good, extra-sensory perceptions, letting go, reduction of pain, stress and anxiety…


Beta Waves

These waves stimulate: action, reflection, focus, sharp mind, learning process, awareness, association of ideas, energy levels, reduction of fatigue…


Theta Waves

These waves stimulate: deep relaxation, light sleep, hypnosis, meditation, memorization, creative inspiration, nervous regeneration, dreams, enlightened consciousness…


Delta Waves

These waves stimulate: deep sleep, the subconscious mind, profound relaxation, the relief of headaches and migraines, healing, rejuvenation, out-of-body experiences, astral travel…


Gamma Waves

These waves stimulate: concentration, memory, creativity, intuition, full awareness, mental dynamism, hyperconsciousness…

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Main benefits of Magnetism

Magnetism is a type of energy healing. It’s also known as aura healing, which is very important as, combined with meditation, it can help in clearing and realigning the magnetic energy area, making you benefit from physical health and mental harmony. What is magnetism  As humans we have a magnetic energy system, and to understand [...]

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