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How to overcome insomnia

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In the evening, your body and mind are tired. Logically, you should be able to go to sleep and quickly fall into a regenerative and restful slumber… but unfortunately, that does not always happen. The very idea of going to bed makes you anxious, because you know that you will spend many hours rolling in bed, trying to find some elusive rest. Your problem has a name: insomnia. And your everyday life must bear that burden. Mental Waves® for Happiness can help you with an easy to use insomnia treatment program.

Insomnia can be particularly hard to overcome, especially when you don't have the right tools to solve that problem. No matter how exhausted you are about your day, nothing seems to work! I can easily understand how desperate you can be. This is precisely why I designed the "How to overcome insomnia" program with all the Mental Waves® for Happiness expertise and technology.

Thanks to Beta waves stimulation, your brain will soon return to a normal activity, suitable for sleep and rest. Soon, your sleepless night will be nothing but a distant memory!

Noticed benefits

Chronic Insomnia can be devastating on your well-being: troubles with concentration, lack of energy, feeling of isolation, depression, etc. People keep saying that you look tired and offer tons of tips to sleep better, but nothing works. Other people cannot understand that you have no control over the disease that consumes you.

Fortunately, this time has come to an end. Your "How to overcome insomnia" program will offer a radical solution to solve your problem. You won't need to look for distractions in the middle of the night to try and put your mind at rest! Beta waves will directly stimulate your brain to reduce its neuronal activity and put you in a state of relaxation that will make it easier to fall asleep. Regular listening sessions will reconcile you with your bed, day after day, and you will find back all your dynamism and energy during the day!

  • No trouble falling asleep
  • Uninterrupted deep sleep
  • A constant feeling of well-being, without nodding off
  • Restored energy and vitality

This has been scientifically proven

Good Beta waves activity in the brain is essential for your well-being and fulfillment. Stimulating beta waves, and more specifically SMR frequencies (Sensorimotor Rhythm) that ensure deep and regular sleep, will relax your body and calm your brain down. And so, with your "How to overcome insomnia" program, you won't spend half your night trying to get some sleep!

Dr. Cary Howard led a study in 1986 to test new means to reduce stress and fatigue among students. 12 students were subjected to 7 sessions where their brain was stimulated for 30 minutes using Beta waves, over a period of 7 weeks. At the end of the study, all the students reported a significant reduction of their fatigue levels, as well as improved quality of sleep.

how to overcome insomnia

Beta waves stimulate: action, reflection, focus, sharp mind, learning process, awareness, association of ideas...


  • Length: 20 minutes
  • You will receive:

    • 1 recording
    • Simple instructions to guide you

    Mental Waves® for Happiness brain training Sound Technology: Isochronic tones


    • Beta waves β (12Hz – 45Hz)
  • Listen using headphones or speakers, eyes closed
  • The program and the instructions will start downloading immediately + they will be available in your account page

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